The execution of Projects

Throughout the design and the building process we devote rigorous attention to the quality of the details and of the finishes, both in their conception and in their execution. We also ensure that the contractual agreements between our client and the contractors are properly respected. Our aim is to make sure that the work is carried out in accordance with the specifications, that it is completed on time, and that it does not exceed the budget.

The general sequence of operations when we undertake a commission are as follows:
Initial discussion with the client to establish his requirements, to advise on how to proceed, and to agree the scope of my services. This will normally take place on-site so that we can appraise the situation and identify opportunities and constraints. This is free and there is no obligation.

Outline proposals and costings.

Preliminary designs submitted for client approval. If a renovation project this will involve a measured survey of the existing buildings, and compilation of a photographic record.
Liaison with statutory authorities (Mairie, D.D.E., etc), and with the suppliers of public services (Water company, Electricity company etc…).

Second set of preliminary designs for client approval before starting the final designs.

Submission of the plans to the local planning authorities for approval.

A two month wait whilst permission is granted

Detailed design to include construction drawings, schedules, and specifications.

Invitations to contractors to present tenders. Appraisal and report to client.

Drafting and issuing of building contract(s).

Administration of the terms of the building contract(s) including site visits, the ironing out of problems and the issuing of interim and completion certificates.

Throughout the duration of the project we maintain close contact with the client, keeping him informed of developments, sending of photos and are always available to answer questions.

Our fees

Our fee structure is very straight forward and is based on the total development cost of your project that involves Savoie Chalets.

Consultation, Design and Planning Stage        12%       Build Stage – Up to 150.000€ build cost
Build Stage – Up to 350.000€ build cost
Build Stage – Over  350.000€ build cost 10%